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  The ultimate smart home solution
Imagine if you could turn your home into an intelligent home.
Pic Beha body 1
Imagine if it could be done with just a few clicks.
Imagine if it were affordable.
Imagine if you could set it up yourself.

Now stop imagining!
Discover Behatrix.

At last. Smart home made simple.
Behatrix is a software that anyone can download and install on PC.
Unleash its true potential with the aid of only a few Z-Wave wireless devices and create your ideal, cost-effective smart home, in just a few minutes.

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Say no to costly and complicated systems.
Behatrix offers user-friendly technology.
Easy, affordable and respectful of your Privacy.
It can be adapted to your needs and necessities, in just a few easy steps.

Safeguarding your Privacy.
It can be adapted to your needs and necessities, in just a few easy steps.
All your data is safely stored in your home. And with Behatrix Guest, you will be able to remotely connect to your smart home from any location.

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Save money, live in comfort. It's the future.
You are in charge of how Behatrix interacts with you. She will save you energy, money, time and resources.
She keeps everything under control even in your absence.

Improves well-being and energy consumption.
With simple and useful graphic reports, Behatrix helps you improve both household consumption and well-being. She can help you save money on energy, water, and gas, by warning you in case of problems.

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Behatrix can adapt to any home or need.
A home doesn't need to be designed from scratch, to be smart.
Turn your home into a smart home, in just a few steps.

Master the basics. Add later.
Behatrix's technical capabilities can grow in time, based on your needs.
The best way to discover what we want our home to do for us.

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Click here to find out more.

Video Tutorials and FAQs

Setting up Behatrix is fast and easy. Click here to find out more.

System Requirements

Windows 10 pc required.


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